About KA Translation


KA Translation s a small translation agency owned by the professional translator Katarina Aronsson. Our office is located in an old dairy in Katrineholm, Sweden.

KA Translation ainly works with larger translation agencies, but has some direct clients as well. The customers are mainly found in Europe, for example the UK, Netherlands, Norway and Denmark. We also work with companies from the rest of the world, for example Israel and Japan, as well as with companies in Sweden.


The face behind KA Translation is Katarina Aronsson, with a MA in Professional Translation into Swedish. She grew up in the small Swedish town of Finspång, but has also lived for several years in Princeton, NJ (US), London, UK, and Gothenburg, Sweden. She has now settled down in another small town, namely Katrineholm (about two hours south of Stockholm). She lives in a house together with her husband and two children (and an adopted cat …) You could say she is like your average business owner and mother of small children, i.e. very busy. On her spare time, however, she does enjoy reading, power walking, gardening and spending time with friends and family. And planning new
DIY projects for her husband, of course… 😉