Katarina has a M.A. in Professional Translation of Languages for Special Purposes, with a major in Professional Translation, from the University of Gothenburg. The Translation Program is aimed at students who have previously studied two foreign languages at university level (2 years). After applying, potential students need to take and pass an admission test before they are accepted to the program.

Below is a short description of the Translation Program at Gothenburg:

The general purpose of the translation program is to educate qualified translators for the Swedish and the international market. A translator may be self-employed, EU employed, work at a Swedish authority, at a publisher or at a private translation company.

One aim of the Translation Program is to help the students achieve a high skill-level when it comes to translating from their two source languages into Swedish, and to give a scientific perspective of the translation process. During the course of the program, the students will learn to translate texts from, among others, the scientific, technical, popular science and literary sphere.

Another aim of the program is knowledge of contrastive methods for analysis of the relation between source and target language, ability to combine language skills with knowledge within different fields in translation science and translation methods in a critical and systematical way.

(Source: University of Gothenburg. The translation program has changed slightly since Katarina graduated; see the university’s website for more information.)