As a translator you are confronted with new information all the time, and sometimes you are expected to “know everything about anything”! But, at the end of the day, most translators specialize within specific areas.

The first area Katarina started to work with was telecommunications, i.e. cell phones, telephones etc. After having mastered this area, she started to work with door systems, network equipment and burglar alarms. Another area that Katarina has worked a lot with is IT products, for example printers, computers, and household appliances, for example fridges, ovens etc.

The area of choice for Katarina, however, is marketing/copy. These kinds of texts leave room for some more creativity, and you are actually allowed free interpretations and more space to really create – exactly how Katarina likes it. An opportunity to build a text that really works, both for the target group and for the target language. For everybody!

Katarina has also worked with copywriting, and in the future she intends to “go back to school” to really get into it. During the past year, Katarina has also started to offer writing and editing services, a branch that she plans to expand in the future.


One of the things that makes the translation business so exciting is that you always work with new concepts and applications within a great deal of different areas. Another factor making this line of work so rewarding is all the different end products you work with. In the morning you might be busy translating a manual for a cell phone. After lunch you sit down to work on some support information for a printer. The next day is devoted to a magazine about carpets and rugs, the day after that an ad for some weight loss solution. Followed by a recipe folder with Mediterranean cuisine, and then some antitrust legislation to top it all off!

Ain’t no mountain high enough…? No, not for a translator, and certainly not for us! In conclusion: As a translator you can count on your workday being versatile, and packed with information. And that’s the way … we like it!

Below are some project examples from Katarina’s carrier:

* JASON, education material within the science area (12−16 yrs)

* Lek och Lär Förskolan, children’s computer game (preschoolers)

* Manuals and marketing material for cell phones (Siemens, Nokia etc.)

* Online games, for example strategy games, action games, sports games, MMORPG

* Online inspiration portal for cooking/cuisine (recipes, cooking methods and travel information)

* Financial reports, annual reports etc.

* Website translation for a large manufacturer of laptop computers

* Support information/manuals/marketing material for Electrolux

* Marketing material for Carlson Group (Hilton brand etc)

If you want more information on what kind of projects Katarina and KA Translation AB can help you with, do not hesitate to contact us. Give us a call on +46 (0)703-99 11 17, or send us an e-mail.