Katarina decided at an early age that she was going to work with languages − in any way, shape, or form. Simply because she is really good at it! (As a little girl, for example, she “wrote” the short story collection “English stories” to the utter delight of her relatives in England…)

19 years old, Katarina moved to the United States to work as an au pair for a year. The one year quickly turned into two and a half, but after that she moved back to Sweden again for a while.

However, she soon felt that it was time for some more time abroad, got a job at a scratch card company in London and moved there. More specifically to the East End, home of the 2012 Summer Olympics. A year later she moved back home and started to work as an English, German and Swedish teacher (age 12−16). And, after that…it was finally time for the one thing Katarina’s mother had been waiting for during the past five years − University! In the beginning of 1997 Katarina started to take German and English classes at Linköping University, heard about the Translation program at the University of Gothenburg and aimed for the stars… And the rest is history!

Halfway through her last semester at Gothenburg, Katarina started to work full time as a translator/project manager at a large local translation agency, where she stayed on for about two years. By that time Katarina had met her husband-to-be, who lived in Katrineholm. She commuted back and forth for a while, but then decided to take the leap … She quit her job and dedicated herself to starting her own company. During the first seven years the business was run independently, but 2011 it was transferred to a limited company.