Have you ever noticed that a lot of people have quite strong opinions about translation? If you live in an English-speaking country, chances are that you don’t come across subtitles that often. For obvious reasons, in Sweden we do. And for various reasons, a lot of people consider themselves better translators than the subtitlers. But wait a minute! What do “most people” really know about translation, anyway?

And why should you pay a translator to do the job, when you might as well Google translate? Will human translators find themselves extinct species in the future? Or will they stand stronger than ever before in the years to come? Click here if you want to read more about Katarina’s views on the subject, and on the future of the lingo trade.


When I tell somebody that I work as a translator, most people say: “So, you translate books?” My answer is: “No, not books. Not so far, anyway”. (A few tiny little children’s books don’t count, right?)
I have been thinking about giving it a shot for a long time, though, it would be fun to at least try! But, until then I will stick to my old guns, i.e. different kinds of documentation.

Anyone want to how it actually works? Google translate has NOT taken over, but our line of work is in fact computer-aided in every aspect imaginable. Curious yet? Click here to read more!